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About Dave

Hi, I'm Dave Sawyer, my family heritage is rooted in the Northeast. I was born in the Midwest, raised and schooled in the Southwest, lived and worked in the Northwest and now retired and living in the Southeast...and I gotta say, I've loved every stop along the way.  

Now retired, I have the time to explore and expand my interests in ceramic art and photography.

All this with a solid base of faith and family. My wonderful wife and I live in South Carolina as does our terrific son and daughter-in-law and our awesome grand- and great-grandkids. Together, we give praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ and daily pray that we may be vessels of His love.

Dave is a member of:

West Main Artists, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Tryon Painters and Sculptors, Tryon, North Carolina

Carolina Clay Artists, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Greenville Center For Creative Arts, Greenville, South Carolina

You can visit Dave's studio at West Main Artists, 578 West Main Street in Spartanburg, South Carolina.